Shopping habits changed worldwide during COVID-19 outbreak

The shopping habits around the world have changed during the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic. Internet shopping has become a very important market in the last year and a half. Especially in terms of the most widely used market shopping on the Internet recently, the rights of consumers who do not have the chance to touch the product should be protected. Make sure to check for foods that are likely to spoil, such as milk and dairy products and delicatessen after you purchase them. It is crucial that the seller also empathize and protect the consumer’s rights. If 10 kilograms of cheese is one week away from the expiration date, that product should not be sent to the customer.

In addition to consumers, manufacturers and suppliers need to be protected. The producer produces with the expectation, "My goods will be sold."  The suppliers take their place in the market trusting that they can sell these products. Therefore, both strive for the country's economy. For products that are going to be consumed for a long time, the best shopping method would be to check their expiration dates.